Are you losing confidence in your ability to manifest?

Does it feel like your desires take too long to manifest?

Have you just about given up on creating and manifesting?


Manifesting is about being in complete alignment on all levels with your desires –then staying in sync with those desires as you live your life everyday.  You must access and hold your desires right now on the inside of you even before the desire manifest in your reality.  Accessing the desires now gives you the power to project them into your current future (not way down the road somewhere).  Think about it, you are already doing this now but in the reverse.  Every tool I release here will be about helping you manifest your desires, pulling back the curtains on my personal manifestation techniques and clearing the energy that’s keeping you stuck.

Why The Spiritual Upgrade?

Every system needs an upgrade at some point in time, even yours -your energetic, emotional system is no different than the electrical system in your house.  If you don’t have the proper AMPS, you’ll lose power if try to do something as simple as turn on another light.  As you go about living your life, interacting with others and dealing with the issues of your past, your system gets bogged down with negative energies, situations and emotional memories that wear you down and keep you operating in negative patterns that cause you to live your life in one big negative loop after another.

The Spiritual Upgrade is where we do the work of clearing, aligning, creating and manifesting.  If you’ve every heard the phrase”faith without works is dead” this is the work.  The Spiritual Upgrade is where you do the work.  Bring your faith – let’s get to work!  My pinky swear promise:  You will create and  WILL manifest!


3 Spiritual Upgrade Must Have’s!