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Permission to Prosper – Break through Barriers and Soul Ties

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This is a powerful, guided energy clearing program designed to clear, activate and fully charge your 7 energy centers so that you can flourish, grow, thrive and be more.–giving you PERMISSION TO PROSPER.  If you’ve been waiting for permission to go to the next level –then wait no more!

For some of us, it’s been ingrained in us to wait for permission.  In school, at home, in church –getting permission has been a big part of our conditioning.  If you’re not mindful of this pattern, you could still be seeking approval before taking action in your business.

Because of these patterns –it’s easy to stay in the habit of seeking permission to act!You know you should be realizing more but you’re still waiting for a sign, a signal or permission.

Maybe you’re procrastinating instead of completing projects in a timely manner, leading to poor business relationships. You could be unhappy in your personal life because you’re not comfortable letting your innermost thoughts into the light of day. Perhaps you feel you don’t belong or fit in with other people. Whatever your particular problem is, Permission to Prosper and Break Through Personal Barriers and Soul Ties helps clear up these issues.

Through a guided process, we’ll work together to clear your energy by going through your chakras, or energy houses, in your body. This process will help clear up subconscious blockages that are at a minimum keeping you from acting, and at the worst, are creating self-sabotaging behaviors preventing you from succeeding in your personal and professional life. This will lead you to self-realization of these behaviors, allowing you to manifest your full potential and succeed beyond anything you could imagine.