Work with Me…

These private sessions are strategic in nature.  They are meant to upgrade your personal spirit realm so that you can align with your desires and manifest in complete harmony with who you are.  We clear up patterns that are holding you in a certain position in life whether it be business, career or otherwise.  We clear out the negative patterns for your highest harmony for real manifestations.  We review and untie negative knots and patterns that are sabotaging your goals and desires.

This personal session is powerful and customized for you.  They can include:
   Strategic coaching
   Cleansing your personal spirit field/realm
❦   Disconnect from energy fields of  negativity, lack, not enough
   Energy Clearing; Emotional Clearing of your meridian points
   Purpose, Passion and Destiny Restoration
   Looking at different life experiences and transforming negative patterns
   Reprogram your visual projections
   Disconnecting from negative energy fields that are sabotaging your success
   Connecting with energetic fields that would support your goals
   Raising your abundance frequencies

How can I make an appointment?

 30-minute energetic upgrade and clearing + 15- minute coach-consulting: $150

Please note that all appointments are given in Eastern (USA) time.